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  • Deanna Brown

A Published Author!

I have been a social worker since 2011, after returning to university as a mature student. I am now in my third year working with the fantastic Estevan Family Resource Centre Inc. as a crisis counsellor. You can visit the counselling page for a more detailed description of exactly what I do.....

As this is a charitable organization, we rely heavily on donations, fundraising and grants to keep our services running, and keep our programs completely FREE of charge to anyone who wants to access them.

As is the case with many charitable organizations, budgets can be a problem. There isn't always enough money to go around. I have been slowly trying to build a resource library for my work with clients, but programs are often expensive.

I work with individuals, couples and families to provide individual counselling, couples counselling, group counselling, learning opportunities, group forums, and assist with connections to long-term specialized supports when needed.

In addition, individual and group programs are researched and developed as needs emerge, based on presenting issues, requests from collateral agencies, and whether or not a program exists in the community and is available. As a result, I have authored a few small and simple programs based on the need, and in a couple of cases, at the request of other agencies.

I am thrilled to announce that I have these programs published and available on Amazon! I plan to continue to add programs as I create them.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of my books will go directly back to the Estevan Family Resource Centre Inc.


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