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  • Deanna Brown

A Small Space, but EFFECTIVE!

My house is not huge by any means. Part of the reason I chose to have my art & photography studio in my home is that it gives me the ability to keep my prices lower than if I had to rent studio space. Plus, who needs the hassle of all those extra bills??? I recently renovated the photography studio, to better accommodate my clients, and to create a lovely space instead of the dark dungeon that it was! Check out the transformation!

This is what I started with......

Added some tongue and groove pine to the walls, hung some light fixtures (thanks to hubby for the electrical work)

Whitewashed the walls and ceiling, then hung my backdrop system up.....

Ran into a couple challenges.... the gap in the wall is because that's where the main water line comes into the house (it's so close to the cement that we can't close it in, otherwise the line freezes in our cold Saskatchewan winters), the water meter and shutoff stick out further than the wall. Soooo, I built a little box to protect it all, and still allow us to read the meter and shut off the water if we need to!

Here is the final product! I am so happy with the way everything turned out!

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