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  • Deanna Brown

Charming Little Men

Families are simply the BEST. I love watching them together, and capturing those little special moments that make them unique.

One of the things my clients enjoy most about my sessions is the fact that I am super FAST. Kids typically don't have tolerance for hours and hours of photographs, so I get what I need in the shortest time possible!

Bonding with little people is one of my strong suits.... somehow, we got on the topic of Batman.... the kids could see my shutter opening and closing, and the little guy thought it looked like something that Batman might have on his utility belt. So, for the rest of the session, all I had to do was tell him to look at the shutter and smile for Batman! Super cute, and fun.

These two brothers were an absolute dream to photograph. Well-behaved, polite, funny, and super cute. Kudos to their parents for doing such an amazing job raising them! They are obviously buddies, and that came through in EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO.

My sincerest thanks to this absolutely wonderful family for trusting me with your memories, and making my job so much fun. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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