First Attempt at Airbrushing A Car Hood

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have a fantastic autobody shop, 5th Street Autobody, that does all the clear coat on my airbrush projects for me. In their shop, they have several car hoods that were custom painted by one of their staff, and hung on the walls. They happened to have a hood laying around, and thought it might be cool to have me do one for them, to hang up and fill an empty space in the shop! So, this is my first go around, and I wanted something totally different than what you usually might see on a car hood!


After prepping the hood, I began laying out a design.... I love mandala, so I thought this might look kind of neat when it's all done!


Kept going with the design, adding more details as I went along... this process took a REALLY long time.


The next stage involved multiple layers of white to create depth and texture... I didn't simply want to paint solid colours. I was cognizant of the fact that anyone looking at this piece would be looking up at it from the ground, so it needed to be recognizable from a distance.