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  • Deanna Brown

Forget Disneyland....

Forget Disneyland, THIS is the happiest place on earth for me.

What you are looking at is my home studio. I can disappear down here for hours, making a mess; painting, drawing, sculpting.

I usually start by pouring a beverage in the kitchen, (most likely coffee) and head down to the basement. Queue the tunes, turned up LOUD, because that's the way I like to work.

Sometimes, I just sit and stare at the space until inspiration hits me, and sometimes, I have specific projects lined up that I need to get done.

I built this storage system to hold all my paints, and store canvasses underneath. All I used was a couple of cube organizers that I found at Walmart, and put a counter top on them. Then I simply used 1" x 2" boards against the wall, screwed together so that I can see all the paints I typically use.

Underneath the counter, I store all my large canvasses that don't fit on the pegboard.

The drawers hold all my extra supplies, that I don't necessarily use all the time, but come in handy for a lot of different projects.

At the opposite end of the basement room, my husband has his man-cave. We can sit down there for hours in companionable silence, each working on our own projects, and never utter a single word. I think that sums up our relationship perfectly; we are content and happy simply to share the same space, be near each other, and jump up to help the other one if needed.

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