Ghost Rider themed Goalie Mask

A mom contacted me about airbrushing her daughter's goalie mask. It was originally supposed to be a Christmas present, but she wanted to make sure her daughter got EXACTLY what she hoped for, so she knows it's coming.... Works out okay for me, so I don't have to wait three months to post pictures! The young goalie requested a "Ghost Rider" theme, and only wanted the skull painted. She didn't give me too many particulars, other than she wanted something that looked "intimidating" as the opposing team skates toward her. I think mission accomplished!

PREPARATION of the mask took about 2 hours.

After prepping the goalie mask, I started laying down the rough anatomy for the skull. Cracks and texture were placed on the top of the skull, and jagged teeth were added to the jaw. Took a little maneuvering to make sure everything conformed to the shape of the mask, and didn't distort the image. Goalie masks have a TON of peaks and valleys!


I wanted the image to be recognizable from a distance, so the skull took up the majority of the available surface. Then I added more texture and definition to the jawbone and cheekbones, and put some cracks in the skull.


Next, I began layering white, yellow, orange and reds to create the fire glow from inside the skull. Added a touch of a reflection on the edges of some of the teeth.