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  • Deanna Brown

I am more sentimental than you think...

True, I am a biker. True, I have tattoos. True, I speak my mind....but I am more sentimental than you think. After I completed my university degree, my husband and I moved back to my hometown in Bienfait. Long story short, we purchased my childhood home from my parents. Very cool. Every great memory I have from my childhood happened within these walls. I am often pleasantly surprised when I turn a corner, enter a room, or cook a meal. I get these wonderful, out of the blue memories that hit me full force. How wonderful for me!

Anyway, the hallway that leads from the main floor to the second floor has always been the family photo wall. My mother hung family pictures there, and it seemed silly to relocate it anywhere else, somehow it just didn't work. I wanted the wall to be crammed full! Just as it was when my mother was the interior decorator.

So, I began with measuring the wall, accounting for the light switches, and I created a template in photoshop that was to scale. I used a combination of landscape orientation and portrait, and some square frames also.

I began scouring through my photos, and choosing some of our favourites. I resized them to fit within the template I had created, and spent about three days moving them around until I liked the layout.

Then I spent time creating a collage that I knew I was going to use for the big space, which was 36" x 24". I took candid photos of my husband and I together from when we met in 2000, until now in 2017. I created a huge layout using these 18 photos, and did them all in black and white.

I decided to order all the photos on canvas, and every single one was ordered with a black border on the visible edge. I was so excited when they all arrived! Because I had taken the time to map everything out, I knew exactly where all my hangers needed to be, so I got out my ladder and measured, mapped and hammered in all my picture hangers. Here is the end result!

Now, this is my view every single time I use the restroom, when I get up in the morning, and when I go to bed at night. It always makes me smile. :)

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