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  • Deanna Brown

Industrial Photos Shand Power Station, Estevan, SK

I was contacted by management at the Shand Power Station here in Estevan to photograph the shutdown/outage for 2018.

I was personally escorted through the plant on my first two session dates, and given an absolutely amazing tour and tons of information regarding the operations, machinery, staff and equipment that I was photographing.

Many of the images you see are of spaces and equipment that is only visible this way when the shutdown is occurring.

I was very impressed by the level of safety and security that is practiced at the Shand Power Station. Management and staff were all highly conscious and concerned with my safety, and ensured that absolutely no harm would come to me while I was capturing these photographs.

The first gallery is images that I captured on the first day I visited the site, May 22nd. We were able to tour the basement, and the first four floors of the plant that day.

I returned on May 26th, for a second tour and session. This time, we started on the 5th floor, and toured each floor as we went up.... all the way to the 25th story and the roof! You would not believe the view from up here! And, I will admit, that is likely more exercise than I have gotten in ten years. Thankfully, we called the elevator for the ride down, I don't think I could have managed all those flights of stairs again, and I was too chicken to ride the lift!

This last gallery was done on May 28th. Toured around the facilities that deal with all the incoming coal from the mines, and the water cooling towers. Awesome experience all the way around!

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