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Mesmerizing Art of Acrylic Pour

An artist’s “toolbox” is filled with many materials, tools and techniques to use and to let their creativity flow. Acrylic pouring has become a popular technique as a painting trick to create an abstract piece.

Acrylic pouring is a blend of acrylic paint and medium, with a small amount or even no water added. The paint creates delightful layers and shapes on the chosen painting surface.

Simple? Yes. Messy? Yes. Easy? Often not.

Art By: Deanna Brown

In the 1930’s David Alfaro Siqueiros accidently discovered this technique after pouring different colour paints onto a wooden panel, then allowing the colours to flow. David called this “accidental painting”.

Many artists are using this as it is an interesting art trend as compared to other forms of paint. Acrylic pour makes it highly flexible for your imagination to run free.

Art by: Deanna Brown

Pouring offers a great way to achieve different effects with different colours. Most of the time pouring gives unexpected results then what you may had in mind, but that’s the fun of this technique! The multiple layers and colours you put on a canvas will always create a mesmerizing piece.

Art by: Deanna Brown

It encourages your creativity to come out in full force. It’s very intuitive and you can get some amazing results right away. The best part of this trend is that no two pieces will come out the same. Although, this technique may be difficult don’t let that fool you. The ability to create something out of the ordinary and have fun while doing so, out weights the difficulties. Let the imagination fly and the paint flow. Every piece that’s created by using Acrylic Pour will turn out mesmerizing.

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