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Read what the lovely Rachel has to say about working with me as a photographer!

I have had the honour of working with Deanna 3 times now, both in studio and on location. She is truly one of a kind. She is by far one of the top photographers Saskatchewan has and truly, I’d say, Canada has! Her work and editing style is completely unique to any other style I've had before. Her style of photography is vast with many different genres. She is truly an artist and a creator. She is gifted.

Her passion for this craft is unlike no other, she gets so excited just to do a shoot and go and start editing, I know from years of doing this that photographers take a long time to even go back to view their work and begin to edit, this blew my mind, as soon as she finishes her shoot she is so excited to view and start editing them.

Her work and gallery speaks for itself, her photos and her style of editing are unreal! Take the time to go view her gallery, on her website at www.deannabrownart.com and her facebook page “Deanna Brown Art” and on her Instagram page @deannabrownart

I will continue to work with her as many times as she lets me. I reached out to her when I was in her area a while back and what I found was a diamond!! If you want truly top level photographs and top level edits she is definitely the person to trust with your moments in time. She is a published photographer which puts her work on a level not many will reach.

Rachel Anese Flemming

Multi Published Pro Model

Deanna’s #1 Fan for Life

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