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Something to Admire

Developing artists tend to idolize and admire another more developed artist; someone that is famous for their art. However, as a developing artist myself, I don’t focus so much on admiring an artist, but more on the style of art. I like to admire bright and bold pieces of art.

Something that really reaches off a canvas and grabs your attention. There’s nothing more admirable than a piece that can grab a person’s attention just with a quick glance. Bright and bold pieces say something not just about the artist that created it, but it can also give you a glimpse into yourself as you admire it.

The way you interpret the piece also says something about you. Isn’t art amazing that way!

This is why the art is something more to admire versus just the artist. Admiring the art itself allows for artists to find an inspiration for their own pieces.

And who doesn’t love bold, bright colours?!

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