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  • Deanna Brown

This is ME!

I had eagerly been anticipating seeing "The Greatest Showman" in our local movie theatre. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by this movie! I actually ended up going to see it three times in the same week. Long story short, it inspired a photo session, with myself. This is the result.

There was one song in this movie, titled "This is me" that got me directly in the feels. I have been wondering whether or not my art and photography business is worth it.... Am I good enough? Am I kidding myself? Is this a gigantic waste of my time? Why am I not booked? And on and on it goes.... After seeing this movie (thrice, lol), downloading the soundtrack and listening to it for a week straight, I decided to have some fun, get creative and remember that the only person who needs to appreciate me is ME.

#deannabrownart, #thisisme, #thegreatestshowman, #deannabrownphotography


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