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Tips for Photographing Pets

Pets are a person’s best friend, whether you have a cat, dog, rodent or even a reptile they bring the best kind of joy to our day. Their time spent on this earth is just not long enough. That’s why it’s a must to take as many pictures of them as possible. If you’re a photographer that has an upcoming session with pets or even if you want to capture memories of your own pets, here are some tips to help you achieve those keepsake pictures.


When taking portraits of any pet be sure to have a treat on hand. It will get the attention of the pet and will make for getting your portrait shots a lot easier. As always make sure you have the right lighting. Natural lighting will always be the best. The main key for portraits is to focus on the eyes of the pet you are photographing. It may take some time to get the perfect shot you want but be patient. Also to make them feel comfortable go down to their eye level. It will show how they see the world from their point of view.

Action Shots

It’s time for playtime and more treats! When capturing actions shots of any pet, engage in play time. Once again for photographing any pet to get an action shot lighting will also be key, as well as getting to their level. Although getting actions shots of a reptile may be difficult, it is very possible. Have a treat in hand and hold it to where they can see. This is when you can capture the angles of them walking, gliding or jumping for their food. To capture moments of play with dogs and cats throw a ball, yarn or have the owner or someone run in the direction you need for your shot. For rodents, you can combine the tips for cats, dogs and reptiles. Be sure to have the right camera settings and lenses. Once the pet starts moving and you are focused on a key area of the pet, then release the shutter.

Pets are a part of our families and everyday lives. They bring joy, happiness and fun to our households. I hope these tips help you capture stunning memories of your pet or help you photograph charming moments for a pet owner.

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