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Why Use Social Media to Share Your Art and Photography

Social media has opened the door to a world full of opportunity, like sharing your own galleries online and having complete control over the content you want to post. It is becoming one of the main platforms for photographers and artists to share their photography and art pieces and to help their brand and business grow. Sharing is made easy through having your own website, a Facebook page, Instagram account, and lastly making your content shareable.

Here’s Why

Creating your own website is key to this day and age, to showcase all of your talents and allowing consumers to purchase your photos and art collections from you. A website usually has more information than other platforms as well. There are a ton of free website builders to use if you are just getting started.

Making a Facebook page allows you to post anything and everything you want. Using a social media platform like Facebook lets you really flourish your brand and who you are as an artist or photographer. You will get a following of people who share the same interests and goals as you. Or people who love to see your art and photography on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Instagram is a great way to expose your creations on this video sharing and photo sharing social network. It allows you to tell a story for your followers in a unique visual experience.

You can share behind the scenes footage to keep your followers even more intrigued. Hashtags are one of the main things that make Instagram different from other platforms. Once you upload your photo or art piece onto Instagram you write hashtags that are relevant to your post, this way your work will go public and gain more followers from all over.

Allowing to have your social media pages public and your content shareable is very important. It will bring an abundance of awareness to your page. So you can let it spread like wildfire. The more social interactions you attain means more traffic to your social media pages and especially your website.

Using social media and creating a website is key, in this day in age to showcase your art and photography talents. It will create a storm of “Google-goodness” that will get your brand in the ranks.

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Photos by: Kensey Fedyk



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