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Enter the world of Fantastic Designs (2) – a mesmerizing collection of hand drawn and digitized mandalas designed to provide hours of relaxation and coloring enjoyment. Crafted with care by a Canadian artist, these unique designs offer a diverse range of patterns, shapes, and styles to satisfy every coloring enthusiast. With 30 distinctive designs to explore, you can easily lose yourself in a world of creative expression and artistic fulfillment. Let Fantastic Designs (2) guide you on a journey of relaxation and self-discovery through the beauty of coloring.

Fantastic Designs (2)

  • These designs are copyright protected. My art is part of my livelihood, and I offer this design for your personal, non-commercial use only. You are not permitted to share the file with others or to sell or distribute these images in any way (this includes any craft items made from these images). If you have any questions about how these images can or can't be used, please feel free to contact me. Your purchase of this image constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Use. Thank you!


  •  There are no refunds or returns on digital products.

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