I've Got You (Original)

This graphite drawing is the first original drawing in the Collection entitled "Always There". 

Drawing size is 11" x 14"

Signed on front by artist.  

A signed certificate of authenticity accompanies the art piece. 

I've Got You (Original)

  • Collection Information

    This image is part of Deanna's collection entitled "Always There".

    This collection was inspired because of my Aunt. As we age, we don’t always see our family often; mostly weddings and funerals. I saw my Aunt at a family funeral in 2019, and we got talking about my artwork, she commented how much she loves my work.

    My aunt told me she would love a drawing of mine, when I inquired about subject, she told me she loves elephants. An idea started to form…

    Although we were attending a funeral for a family member, and it was a very sad occasion, it was also really nice to reconnect and visit with my family, especially those I hadn’t seen in a long time. No matter how much I have screwed up over the years, the bad choices I have made, the wrong roads I have ventured upon, these people all love me. My family supports me, encourages me, and lifts me up when I need it most.

    To my family, although I don’t see you often, I love you very much. I appreciate each and every one of you, and how you always have my back.

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  • Care of Artwork

    The artist highly recommends professional framing of all art pieces to guarantee longevity and protection. High quality UV glass is recommended for all pieces.