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Introducing the captivating rooster print from our "Take Flight" collection. This fine art print symbolizes the act of overcoming fears and embracing new experiences fearlessly. Rendered in watercolor, graphite and ink, this piece is a testament to the turn-of-mind required to triumph in life. The rooster's fiery, vibrant colors and bold demeanor epitomize the spirit of this collection - one of bravery, courage and action. Bring this stunning print into your space and feel inspired to spread your wings and take off, without a second thought.


  • You can print whenever you want at any retailer of your choice!

    • High resolution printable file
    • Best downloaded to a desktop or laptop, file size is too large for most smartphones and tablets.
    • Prints well for sizes up to 11” x 14”

    Note: NO physical item will be shipped!

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